Sunday, February 12, 2012

Waterval Boven

Had a great weekend at Waterval Boven. Highlight was ab-sailing down 80m cliff. Scariest part was standing on the edge of the cliff just before started sailing down, that was the freakiest part...

Discovered the true cradle of Humankind

Went to take a look at the vanished civilizations of Southern Africa including the first gold mining empire on earth started by the Sumerian deity Enki in a land they called the ABZU.
Checked the advanced technology used by these early humans and their use of sound and frequency as a source of energy right here in Waterval Boven.

Man behind everything is Michael Tellinger, researcher and author (busy reading his book Slave Species & Temples of the Gods). What a nice guy, had excellent workshop with him.

Friday, February 3, 2012

Get PowerBuilder 12.5 (Telkom guys requests)

Completed another PB course with a group from Telkom. Fantastic group and had some good work sessions.

PowerBuilder Groups as requested

Sybase International User Group – Great place to learn, get copies of PowerBuilder 12.5 and PowerBuilder 12.5 .NET. Register and get PB12.5 dev edition for $90.

Register on Sybase news groups - for additional support. You can setup Outlook Express to connect to sybase news reader which allows you to download and keep discussion or send new queries -

PowerBuilder Help and utilities

Start by reading daily PowerBuilder Development Journal --

// Techno kitten - Must have toolbox for PowerBuilder Development

//PBDR - download PBPaste (speedsup coding) & PBDelta (compare scripts & objects) from here

//Lots of PowerBuilder Links split out by category

Accura Software Home Page Many "real world" Applications developed in PowerBuilder such as GL/AP Inventory management etc
AJACOM Corporation Technical Services, PowerArchitect a PowerBuilder Class Library RAD tool
Novalys International Software Editor of complementary tools for PowerBuilder : Visual Expert, Visual Guard, PB-LINK.
Open Pay A Source Forge open source Payroll Solution written using PowerBuilder
SoftTree Technologies, Inc. PowerBuilder development Tools and Components
DW Extreme A cool site that shows some of the powerful things you can achieve with datawindows.
PFC Cheat Sheet Sharon Buntz's PFC Cheat Sheet, great tips on PFC development, cool tree interface ;-)
PFC Guide Great articles and free objects for the PFC
PowerBuilder Links (.PBL) - Home Page Lots of PowerBuilder Links split out by category
PowerBuilder - Lista de Interés en Castellano
PowerWeb Site with a few tips and links