Sunday, December 26, 2010

Break in Betties Bay

In Betties Bay for a break. Spend the day with Aunty Rin and Uncle John at the botanical gardens in Betties Bay. I just love spending time with them.


Had a round a of golf at Arabella in Cape Town. Superb golf course, shot a 104 though but was lots of fun.

High light for December was my " swaar's " wedding (Candice brother better known as Boy). What a fantastic wedding ! Sandy (his wife, a.k.a "skoon sus") look exceptionally stunning. It was the first pink wedding dress i've seen and I personally think that it was absolutely stunning ! My in-laws really know how to party !!!

A night out with my special lady !

Found a great restaurant in Sandton and decided to take the special one in my life for a night out. Like most fancy restaurants, the names of the desert was un-pronounceable and we wanted a simple pancake and coffee. The waitress then recommended the below (check video). Just when I thought a saw all possible presentation of pancakes (ranging from mince to bananas). But it was fantastic !!

Timo Wedding

My friend Timothy got married and what a grand wedding it was. He finally decided to to tie the knot and they both looked stunning. Had a wonderful time, you go Timo !! Below is the main man's entrance.

Candy's farming

After much work and pain we finally started seeing fruits of Candice hard labour !! Actually it was a great success, all seeds planted yielded results. we've got spinach, potatoes, beans, beetroot, cabbage, carrots and garlic (all organic). Most of it goes to soup kitchens, cripple care, family and poor people in Toekies. It was our first attempt and Candice really worked hard at it. Will post more pics later.


Ok, have not blogged for some time so will only post high lights of the last 3 months. Done some fishing in October a the Vaal, did catch anything but just the experience was fun. Was my uncles 50th birthday and family got together to celebrate.